Professional and friendly mobile massage therapy in your own home or office, on the Lower Central Coast. Remedial massage, Deep tissue massage, Trigger point therapy, Myofascial release, Swedish massage, Lymphatic drainage, Warm stone massage, Indian head massage, Workplace and corporate massage, Gift certificates. Fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist. Health fund rebates available.


As with any service, there’s no massage ‘product’ for you to inspect before you buy – so, to help make your decision easier, here’s what some of Tara’s previous clients have thought of her in-home mobile massage service:

" The most sensational if not exceptional massage that I have ever experienced and I had had my fair few both locally and overseas.
The level of care, attention to detail and full explanatory techniques all underpinned by a professional yet warm and approachable lady ,made the entire experience worth sharing with others.
If seeking a well earned nurturing body experience that restores your vitality ,energy and strength, then do make an appointment to see Tara ." Tracy

" I recently had the benefit of a remedial massage from Tara Goulding. Tara is a very professional therapist who very quickly but thoroughly identified the areas requiring treatment. Tara was very effective in treating those areas with long lasting effect. Tara arrived right on time for my appointment and I highly recommend her work. " — Mark

" Thank you Tara I loved the massage you made me feel relaxed, and having it in my home was ideal.Your professional service was fantAstic and I would highly recommend you to anyone .I cant wait for my next one " — Wendy

" I wouldn't normally think of getting myself a massage but a Father's Day gift from my wife meant I didn't have to. Tara was the consummate professional. Turning up at my home and having everything set up at the allotted time, despite the 40 minute drive to get there. Her knowledge of massage therapy is encyclopaedic and she seems to have the magic in her hands to locate and ease pressure points. SOme of which I knew I had, but many that I didn't. I felt a little sore the next day or so but in that really good way that you get after a solid work out. After that I felt loose and more ache free than I have in ages. I also had the best sleep that night. So do yourself a big favour by booking Tara. Your body will thank you for it." — Matt

" Hey Tara,
Would just like to thank you for your amazing service. With my condition being in a wheelchair and not extremely mobile I was so pleased by how you were so kind and helping to cater to my needs and requests. It had been a very long time since I had any sort of massage and it definitely made me feel amazing. Trying to find someone to come out that has an understanding of my situation, I thought would be a nightmare. But, I must say I am 100% thrilled with how everything worked out and I will definitely be seeing you again in the near future. Big thanks!" Amy

" The whole experience of Tara's massage is of the highest quality. She is prompt, courteous and friendly and gives a great whole body treatment. I was also impressed with her technical knowledge and desire to continue learning more about the healing the body." Simon

" Hi Tara,
I would like to start by thanking you for the wonderful massage.
I have already handed out most of the business cards I had asked for due to how great I felt after the session and following days. I strongly recommend you to anyone who thinks that maybe one day they will try a massage.
Not only was the massage relaxing, you made me comfortable while going through a new experience.
I can't thank you enough." Geoff

" I wanted to send you a big thank you for the home massage you gave to both Mum and myself. I have had lots of massages before, though this was my first in home massage and I have to say one of the best I have had. Right from the start your warm and calm presence from when you arrived and setting up, throughout the treatments and packing up made your work look easy. We can see you are really dedicated to providing your clients a fantastic experience and we were left feeling like we were floating along the clouds. I felt great for long time after our appointment and look forward to more treatments soon and will be telling more of my friends your service is the way to go for best in massage." Skyla

" I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the wonderful massages we had at Beth's hen's weekend! We all felt truly relaxed and rejuvenated after. Both you and Angie were so great, I would call it magic hands! And we really appreciate the trip you both made out to the beach house. Thank you again, all the girls were raving about their massages for days and it made the groom and his friends very jealous they didn't recieve the same treatment on the bucks weekend! If I ever need another massage on the central coast (hopefully I will!) I definitely know who to call. I also know who to refer others too as well! " Sally (Hen's celebration)

" Hi Tara,
Feel so much better after that relaxing massage. Thanks.. I can recommend you definitely to my friends.. Mind and body feel so good and so relax. Definitely we'll see you again soon.. Thanks again.. Take care and nice meeting you." Jevina

" My initial decision to select Tara Goulding Massage Therapy with the many local options available was Tara’s expressed commitment to a cruelty free philosophy. After many months of not having a lymphatic drainage massage I felt confident based on her philosophy I was going to receive at least an emphatic massage. Well, I was impressed by Tara’s professionalism, capacity to listen, a person living what she believes in while receiving the most energised and harmonised lymphatic massage I have had in a very long time. I have no hesitation in recommending Tara Goulding Massage Therapy to anyone who is serious about excellence in therapy massage." Kon

" Ive never used a home massage therapist before but am a fan now! As a mum with a little one at home this was a great way for me to be able to have a massage. Tara arrived just as i put my son down for his nap and being at home meant I did not have to organise a baby sitter.
Tara listened to all my muscle areas i was having problems with and focused on major points to really help shift the pain i was in.
Asking someone you dont know in to your home to massage you can be a little confronting, but Tara has a lovely warm approach and you feel - right at home, - and relaxed instantly." Lara

" I found Tara’s approach to therapeutic massage work to be not only very caring and professional but more important she is quite technical in her work. What I mean by that is Tara listens to her clients concerns, examines the body and then proceeds to massage those areas of the body that are necessary to alleviate the traumatized areas. These areas that are massaged might not even be near where the client is feeling pain, but the right type of massaging in the right area will alleviate the pain and allow that part of the body to heal.
I had a neck problem after a fall which resulted in a lot of pain, restriction and vertigo which lasted for months. Over time it was very slowly getting better; when I first started with Tara the pain and restriction in the neck was around 40% After about 6 x 1 hour sessions with Tara the pain and restriction is down to about 2%
To me therapeutic massage work is more technical than anything else and Tara definitely has the technical skills to make her very good at her craft.
Thanks for the new neck Tara." Guy

" A massage from Tara is both proffessinal and caring. She arrives prepared to provide complete relaxation in the comfort of your home. I have a newborn and so Tara was patient and I didn't feel rushed to start. I would certainly recommend her." Susan

" Tara has requested I provide a note as to my experience of receiving massage therapy from her.
Tara arrived at our home at the appointed time she presented in a professional manner and provided all the necessary equipment and towels etc required to conduct her business.
My wife and I found Tara a pleasant an easy person to communicate with as we discussed what treatments would be most beneficial to me, estimated time and cost of treatments.
We agreed on treatments which would take about one hour, Tara carried out the treatments in a sensitive but positive manner always mindful of my comfort explaining as she worked.
I have had other treatments from different health care providers for a particular issue I have, Tara seems to have provided me with the best out come so far,I will be engaging her services as ongoing therapy.
We were impressed with her commitment to the overall natural health approach and her willingness to assist us achieve this in the way we want to.
A satisfied Peats Ridge client. 20/9/2013 " Peter

" After a few days of insane pain with my back, I was booked in surprisingly by my hubby Craig to see Tara. Craig had explained to me that he had seen Tara’s advertising on facebook, as she was new to the coast and thought he’d check her out. Craig messaged Tara, who replied the next morning and by that afternoon I had an appointment with Tara for a home visit. I’ve never had a massage therapist visit for a home visit before, so was a bit nervous and anxious due to my pain as I was worried about being placed in more pain.
How can I explain my massage treatment from Tara? Oh boy, am I so glad my hubby booked Tara in, she was just fabulous!
Fantastic, relaxing and calming....these 3 simple words pretty much sum up my experience! Tara was very reassuring and professional in her approach, and during the massage was bubbly and conversational, whilst at all times ensuring I was feeling ok with the remedial back massage being provided. Apart from the obvious aches n pains I was feeling before Tara’s massage, I can honestly say that Tara was near perfect in her assessment and massage applied for the session. After Tara left, I felt so much more relaxed and comfortable and with a few days of rest and a little inflammation medicine after visiting the doctor, I am now back to full health, all within 1 week!
I’d personally like to thank you Tara, your visit, massage, personal service, dedication to you client and professionalism were sensational to put it simply
I will, without any hesitation, be highly recommending you to all my family and friends! " Carrie-Lee

" We went up to Patonga for a weekend getaway and I found Tara's mobile massage service online and thought it would be the perfect way to relax into our weekend. We weren't disappointed! I've had plenty of massages in my time with a recurring shoulder and neck injury. Tara was very professional and it was great to have someone come to you for a change rather than get that sleepy feeling and have to organise to come home. My shoulder tension has eased up a lot and when we organise our next weekend retreat I'd be more than happy to get Tara to visit again! Thanks so much for the massage, my partner and I loved it!" Kim (and Kelvin)

" I just wanted to thank you for coming out to my home and giving me an excellent massage. You really relieved the tension in my neck and it really helped with my migraine. You were very professional and an extremely talented massage therapist. I also would like to commend you on your massage table - it was very comfortable and being wider you didn't feel like you were about to fall of a cliff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again." Sue

" Thank you very much for coming and massaging our group last weekend. As a group of mums escaping for a very rare night of peace and relaxing, your massage was a great start to the night. We all felt so relaxed and de-stressed all weekend.
We would all definitely recommend you! " Heidi

" I most certainly did enjoy my recent massage with you. It’s often difficult when you get a group of ladies together for them all to agree on something, but we all agreed that we all felt wonderful after our weekend away and especially after your massage. The mood of the weekend was very relaxed and everyone felt quite at peace after your visit.
Thanks so much for visiting us! " Sandra

" Dear Tara I really enjoyed my massage and feel alot better after having it. I felt so relaxed and even better in my own home
I felt very comfortable with you doing the massage and felt as though i could talk to you about anything. Im now feeling so much
better and look forward to regular massages . Thanks " Niki

" In regard to my recent massage, I felt you were a very effective and experienced massage therapist who I would certainly recommend to anyone." Sandra

" Just wanted to thank you for two great massages – both provided relaxation and therapy at the same time and I’m sure I could have enjoyed another hour more, though that might have been a bit taxing for you! Professional, punctual, good value – what more could you want? " Don (and Leanne)

" Thankyou Tara for a most professional & caring massage." Tony & Jo

" Thanks for a great massage and the wonderful service you provide. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know requiring a massage. In fact I intend to give my daughter a swedish massage voucher for Christmas." Julie

" Your massage was absolutely sensational and soooo relaxing and I don't know why I haven't had one before now. Thank you so much and I will definitely be booking another one early in the new year." Jennifer

" Hi Tara. I enjoyed it immensely. I can't wait for the next one." Katrina

" Hi Tara,
I was so disappointed to hear that you were moving away and would not be able to continue with the massages.
Having had a back problem for many years I was beginning to think that I would have to live with a continuous ache.
But over the last five years your magic touch has enabled me to get out there again and enjoy life without the continuous pain.
Your courteous and professional manner have always made it a pleasure to have you in our home whilst the massages were being done.
I will miss your happy disposition and cheerful outlook on life, as well as the conversations.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in the launch of your practice on the Central Coast.
I am confident that once they have had a massage from you.......................... they will be hooked!
Please feel free to give my contact details to anyone who wants to know how great your massages are." Dave

" Tara was professional at all times from the booking process all the way to the time she left our home. She arrived on time and was well organized. Her service is amazing and we will be returning to her soon! " — Godly (and Danton)

" I have had a back complaint for over 15 years after a serious car accident. Recently I aggravated the lumbar area of my spine and hip and was fortunate to have been told about Tara from an old friend. 
Tara was extremely professional in her questioning and evaluation of my condition. Throughout the massage she demonstrated, with incredible accuracy, her ability to pinpoint the precise area that was affected and applied the perfect amount of pressure to alleviate the pain.
Her obvious deep understanding of the body and it's muscular "web" allowed her to also work on the areas of referred pain without me having to utter a single word. 
I have had many remedial massages over the years but never one that provided me with the "good pain" that I knew would lead me to recovery after just one session. 
Tara is completely in tune with her intuitive ability in her craft and it is for this reason I have already spoken to many friends and recommended her. 
I cannot wait until my next massage!
— Narelle

" Tara made me feel relaxed and calm and gave me great advice of what types of massage I should receive. Totally professional and caring. " — Diorne

" Tara is one of the best home massage therapists I've known. I highly recommend Tara.  Great Results, Personable, On Time. " — Annette

" It was a great massage! Thanks so much for a relaxing evening, and for smoothing away all the tense muscles that had gotten themselves in knots. I have been sleeping much better since the massage, my lower back and shoulders especially have seemed less sore and tense. I really appreciated your friendliness and attentiveness to whether the pressure was just right, and for accommodating my little one running about! Hoping to have a massage sometime again :) " — Trix

" Tara is a complete professional from the moment of her prompt arrival to the completion and review of the massage. The massage itself was exactly what I needed! Tara knew where all my problem areas were and worked thoroughly to alleviate the tension and pain in those areas. I will definitely be using Tara again not just for relaxation but for working out all those tough spots as well! " — Katie

" Tara is extremely good at her chosen profession. Tara applies her high level of massage skills, studies and knowledge of the body to each client as an individual. She is reliable, friendly and so convenient with her in home service. I would highly recommend Tara to anyone." — Coby

" For the past two weeks I have been visited by Tara after just having had a baby and being sore practically everywhere after a C-section and breastfeeding! Both times she has been punctual, professional, very friendly and most importantly, very effective. The added bonus is that I get most of this back from my health fund and I have already signed up for 5 sessions. I would highly recommend Tara Goulding Massage Therapy." — Stacey

" Hi Tara, I thoroughly appreciated your massage, you hit all the right spots and knew what you were doing which is refreshing. Everytime I turned my neck I would have a pain in my shoulder and I havent had that since you worked on my neck and back. I will definately be using you again." — Anita

" Hi Tara, I would like to thank you for a great massage! I appreciate the fact that you actually took time to ask me for my problem areas and sporting activities. The massage was very relaxing and targeted exactly where I needed it. It helped me sleep better that night and I have since felt rejuvenated. A truly relaxing experience and I'd be happy to recommend your service to everyone! " — Vin

" Tara made me feel relaxed and calm and gave me great advice of what types of massage I should receive. Totally professional and caring." — Diorne

” I would recommend Tara’s massage services to anyone lucky enough to live in the Parramatta/Western suburbs. She was punctual, friendly and very skilled, and goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. I had muscle spasms but, after one massage, I felt so much better and continued to improve over the following days. So thank you, Tara. I will definitely be calling to make another appointment soon! ” — Kathy

” The massage i received from Tara was fantastic, very professional and made me feel back in tip top shape. I felt more energetic, light on my feet and over-all relaxed and reduvinated. Tara asked about my general health, aches, pains and injuries, she explained the massage steps and treatment to be carried out and conducted herself very professionally. I would highly recommend Tara for which ever massage therapy you are seeking.” — Marc

” Thanks for a great massage. You were very professional and I was very comfortable with you. Best part was enjoying it all in my own home. Thanks again and see you soon! ” — Wendy

” As the mother of a newborn baby girl, I became extremely sore in the upper and lower back thanks to breastfeeding and all the lifting involved with a baby. I went online to find a mobile massage service in my area and Tara’s page came up so I sought her assistance and was able to secure some time with her the very next day. Tara was punctual and asked me appropriate questions regarding my physical state and after a brief discussion she set to work. Tara spent just over an hour witih me working the areas of my body that were most affected. I felt immediate relief. I will be asking Tara back and can recommend her services to anyone who may require them.” — Libby

” Thank s a lot for your creation. I enjoyed your incredible type of massage, your personality and positive spirit. It was so relaxing, energetic and professional. I extremely recommend everyone to try it. I’d love to apply for further session.” — Olena

” I had my first Massage with Tara last week and found her to be professional and caring in every way. I was extremely happy with my Massage, leaving my body relaxed and feeling stress free. I will certainly have Tara come to my home again.” — Dorothy

” Tara is a highly skilled massage therapist whose high degree of professionalism is well matched with her genuine concern and empathy for her patients.” — Andrew

” Hi Tara, Thank you for the massage it was great. It makes it more relaxing to have the massage at home and not have to drive anywhere afterwards. The whole experience was wonderful, I felt so much better after the massage. You really put me at ease and gave a great massage. Thanks for providing an in home service; I will be calling again! ” — Olivia

” Tara provides a professional massage service for my daughter Catherine, who has cerebral palsy with severe scoliosis. Catherine enjoys the 1 hour massage very much. The massage promotes relaxation on her tight muscles and improves her blood circulation. I highly recommend Tara for her honesty, friendliness, and professionalism.” — Ivy

” tara i really enjoyed your massage and can not wait for my next appoitment in january i would recemmend you at any time to any body who is thinking of having a massage i have had a few massages over the time and really think yours was the best thank you ” — Lee-Ann

” Tara exhibited expertise, sound knowledge and a readiness to explain the objects of the procedure being undertaken. The massage was relaxing, soothing and of real benefit to overall well being. I commend Tara as a skilled therapist worthy of patronage.” — Michael

” Thank you very much Tara, I fell really good today!! I will contact you soon” — Stephanie

” If you are fortunate enough to live around the Parramatta area, I highly recommend having a visit from Tara. Tara arrived promptly at the allotted schedule and was very professional. The massage it self was the right pressure, although I had the option of having the pressure reduced, or increased depending on my own pain levels. The massage was very relaxing and I highly recommend a visit from Tara. It’s a pity she doesn’t live in Brisbane, other wise she would be my preferred massage therapist.” — Darren

” Tara provides a professional and convenient mobile massage service. I would recommend Tara as a therapist to anyone; she is an experienced therapist, who offers a range of massage types (remedial, Swedish, hot stone etc) and which lead to great results.” — Kirsty

” I felt immediate relief and completely relaxed during and long after the massage, I was able to return to work pain free and rejuvenated. The convenience of Tara’s service in my own home was fantastic, being the mother of an active toddler, I am often not able to have massages when I need them. Tara was extremely professional and made me feel completely taken care of and comfortable. Thank you Tara, I hope to have you visit again soon.” — Summer

” I was recommended Tara, by a friend and i could not be happier with her service and professionalism. Tara is friendly, honest, reliable and very knowledgable about her work. I love massages and Tara has been a god send and so convenient as well as she comes to your home which just helps you relax even more. I would recommend Tara to anyone who is wanting a massage.” — Jason

” What an amazingly fantastic way to spend an hour. I had been suffering with a persistant headache and stabbing neck pain for almost two weeks due to tension in my shoulders. One hour with Tara and I was relaxed with no more headache or neck pain. I love that Tara cared to ask if I would like fragranced or non-fragranced oil and that throughout the session she kept me informed of what she was doing and why. Close to the end of my massage I was so relaxed I had a ‘nanny-nap’. I will definitely be using Tara’s wonderful services again and would recommend her to anyone looking to have a particular problem area worked on or just for an outstanding way to pamper yourself.” — Angela

” friendly, experienced and skilled. will be booking in for another session in 2011 ” — Mel

” I found Tara after a generic search on the web for someone who could really help my myriad of issues. Seeing that others had provided such good testimonials, I decided to try her & I am so thankful I did. I highly recommend her for from the relaxing to the therapeutic massage. How such power & strength comes out of her, I’m not sure, but she certainly knows how to give a good deep-tissue massage. She managed to get into deep knots that I’ve had long term issues with & I felt fantastic for a good week afterwards – the benefits delivered long after the massage. I’ve not had such a good massage for years & she puts many of the burly lads to shame.” — Tracey

” Tara was very pleasant to deal with right from the start. She took time to talk about what I wanted to get for the treatment, and took care to explain what she was doing and how it would benefit me. After the birth of my son 4 weeks earlier and my body still very much in recovery mode, Tara helped me feel completely at ease with all concerns I had. Very professional and so easy to deal with, I felt like a whole new person afterwards. Thanks Tara, will see you again soon! ” — Lauren

” Tara’s massage’s are fantastic. She has got me through two half ironman triatholons and a marathon! ” — Natalie

” Thankyou very much for yesterday i feel great i am pain free for once in a long time my back feels great i will be using your service again.” — Paul

” Tara is fantastic at what she does and I have no problems in recommending her to anyone who needs to unwind, relax and be stress -free! ” — Jarrod

” Hi Tara Loved the Massage, it was really good and so relaxing to have it at home – just wish I didnt have anything on that night so I could’ve fallen asleep on the lounge – I was so relaxed. I will be seeing you again! Thanks again ” — Angela

” I was very happy with the professional and knowledgable way you presented your self. All care to understand that a first time client may be feeling a little apprehensive about what to expect. I went from migrane headaches and upper body stiffness to feeling much more relaxed and supple.And my headaches disappeared. Thank you Tara, I defently will be in touch if the need arises again.” — Sharon

” I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get back the movement that I once had in my shoulders. You took the time to find out what and where the problem was and advice the right treatment. You always made me feel comfortable and in charge and you explain everything i details I could understand. I dont ever plan to go anywhere else for my massages ever again. Keep up the awsome work and see you for another appointment soon.” — Frank

” Tara, I did enjoy my massage very much, I have a very stressful job and you made me feel very relaxed and comfortable during your visit, it is hard to know how to find the best person to give you a massage and I am glad I picked you, I will certainly call again and arrange another massage and would be happy to recommend your professional service.” — Iris

” Hi Tara Just wanted to thank you for the great massage today! Feel like i have a new body and also had such a relaxing day afterward! Would definitely recommend you to my friends or anyone who wants a proper massage.” — Meri

” Thanks Tara for sorting out my aching back. Highly recommended.” — Diorne

” Recently I was lucky enough to have one of Tara’s warm stone massages. What bliss! Tara was well prepared and quickly set up her table, towels and stone warmer. She even brought her own soothing ‘massage music’. The warm stones placed down the spine are somehow comforting, and the warmth of the stones radiated through my body. Lovely. I can highly recommend this particular type of massage for relaxation, and sensation.” — Robyn

” The massage session on Saturday in the comfort of my own home was great. I slept like a baby that night. The pain was gone within 24 hours and the body felt much refreshed and relaxed. By Monday I was fully recharged and was able to add ten extra minutes to my cycling. Thank you for the advice on stretching the target muscles to avoid further pain and injuries. Looking forward to the next session. I have even recommended your services to our OH & S Manager.” — Murad

” I had my first massage today by Tara and I must say on time and very professional and I am very pleased with her massage technique. Thanks Tara. Recommendations will be given out. ” — Jason

” Dear Tara, Thanks so much for the amazing massage you gave me recently. As a regular sufferer of anxiety, your massage helped diminish the pain that I had developed in my upper back, shoulders and neck areas, which had been causing me more intense migraines and unnecessary tension. The relief I felt afterward and over the next few days was so much more than I expected. I wish I could have you come over every week! I especially appreciated your professional attitude and home service for client privacy. Thanks again. I have already recommended you to my friends and work associates. Bless those magic hands of yours ” — Lou

” I have enjoy very much your service it was a professional level. I have no doubt that my wife will bring you back again, she enjoy it just as much as i do. Goodbye for know until then.” — Keo

” I booked Tara to assist with my ITB syndrome. It was great to be able to tell someone exactly the areas I needed worked on and for them to also provide advice on stretching and the best way to stay injury free. The fact that she could come to my house was so much easier and I would strongly recommend for either injury prevention / assistance or just relaxation – you get the full service in your own home and the towels are great!” — Natalie

” As a mother of two small children I find that all the day to days activities take a toll on my body and Tara really listened to me and focussed her attention on those sore points. It made me realise how much I needed a massage and some time-out for myself. She was very professional but also friendly which is important when you want to feel comfortable. I loved the convenience of having it done in the comfort of my own home, I could relax afterwards and not have to worry about driving home. I’m looking forward to my next session. Thanks Tara.” — Rachael

” Tara makes you feel relaxed the moment she walks in. My massage was calming and soothing. I recommend her to my friends and I look forward to my next session.” — Vivian

” My first massage with Tara was fantastic. I immediately felt comfortable with Tara and found her to be very pleasant. I will definitely be having Tara back in my home for more massages.” — Chris-Deanne

” The massage from Tara was indeed the best massage I have received so far. Being in the comfort of my own home made the experience more relaxing. After the massage, I felt so great and tension free !! I would recommend her services to anyone lucky enough to want to try her out. Thanks Tara !!!! ” — Michelle

” Thank you so much for helping me with my back. I could not believe the difference with just one session. A few day after the massage my symptoms were gone. It is comforting to know that I have a treatment that works if it comes back. Not to mention how relaxed I felt afterwards.” — Annette

” We have just returned back from 2 weeks in Fiji (…)! It was really relaxing and Annette had two treatments while over there and so said after each that it was good but no where near the level of Tara, knowing how particular and hard to please my wife is this should tell how much you’ve won her over…” — Arthur & Annette

” Hello Tara, Just thought I would drop you a line to Thank You for my recent massage. When my husband bought me the voucher for a massage at home I must admit I was a little dubious. I have to say however that it was a lovely, relaxing experience entirely due to your professionalism and friendly nature. I found you easy to talk to and noticed that you actually listened and took on board what I said regarding my spinal condition which made me much more confident. I have already recommended you to friends and family and will continue to do so. Once again Thank You very much.” — Michelle

” Dear Tara I’ve been to alot of massage therapists trying to find the right one for me. I was never fully satisfied after a massage as my lower back problem was only worked on for a brief time. Tara, thank you so much for actually listening to me and working on the area I wanted treated. I actually slept in the next day, something I cant do because of the stiffness in my back. Thanks again and I’ll see you soon.” — Gina

” To have a really good massage and a satisfying one, you will need someone who will listen, ask question, are concern about your problematic areas. Tara will focus and help work those tried massage with enough pressure without inflicting to much pain too your muscle. She also brings a warm and personal feeling to the whole experience. Thank you Tara for easing out my tension.” — Suzie

” Hello Tara I am more than happy to attest your services. As I said before that I have been wanting to have a home service massage but don’t have anyone that can refer me to. I am so thankful to my friend Maria who lead me to you, It was most satisfying and meeting my needs and feeling great. You have the right touch and technique that I was hoping to get. You certainly fill my needs. It feels sooooooo good and I slept well that night. I am looking forward to you next visit.” — Flora

” Definately happy with party, girls loved the massage as did I. Still talking about it today Fatntastic! Both Peter and I wish you could move in and would get a massage from you daily if we could afford it. Will definately be calling again soon. Thanks so much we feel great! ” — Peter & Debbie (Massage Party)

” Thank you so very much for the massage a few weeks ago. It certainly helped me a great deal and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anybody. I have found you to be punctual, professional amd friendly as well as very competent. Again my Thanks for releasing all those stiff and sore muscles of mine! Will be in touch for another one soon.” — Martine

” Scott and I are very happy to have found you not only do you have magic hands but you are extremely professional,punctual & great to chat to. Believe me it is our pleasure to send you this testimonial as it is very rare to find a natural like you. Thanks Tara! ” — Tracy & Scott

” Having had work-related stiffness in the neck and shoulder for many years, I was delighted when Tara was able to relieve my constant pain and restore freedom of movement to the affected areas after my very first consultation. Return visits for subsequent treatment have done wonders as well, and Tara’s flexible scheduling allows me to have consultations at times that suit my busy work schedule. Thanks Tara! ” — Darryn

” Relaxing, restful, rejuvenating and invigorating…. just the way a massage should be. Loved it and definitely recommend Tara.” — Jarrod & Jackie

” Hi Tara, Thank you for my first massage that i received from you. I just want to say that it was great and nice and relaxing. Out of all the massages i have received from different massage therapies, you were the only one that i have fallen asleep with and felt so relaxed. It was amazing. So thank you once again and ill see you on my next appointment.” — Maria

” Hi Tara, I just wanted to say Thank You for being so good with the massage you did for my sore neck & also my back. You made me feel very comfortable with you. Your equipment was very comfortable & helped to make me relax. The massage felt great after a couple of days. I will recommend you to anyone who wishes to have a massage but does not know who to get.” — Chris

” Tara’s massage really did the trick on my stiff neck that I have had for the last 2 years. Straight away my neck felt very loose and there was alot less discomfort that I’d had in a while. She made me feel very relaxed end comfortable from the moment she walked in. Tara was also very competent and professional until the time she left. I have already recommended her to friends and family, even after only one massage. Thanks very much Tara and am looking forward to the next one.” — Sam

” I have been to very many masseuses and struggled to find one that not only made me feel relaxed but also alleviated my stress and tension for days after, until I found Tara. I will continue to use Tara’s services indefinitely and look forward to my massage each month when she uses her extensive professional therapeutic experience to create a very special sanctuary without even leaving my home! Tara has an extremely professional manner and attitude; she is thorough, sensitive, and very effective.” — Billy

” A job is well done when a person enjoys their work. Tara is a person who really enjoys her work. It shows because she didn’t rush us and the massage was GREAT! She is such a lovely person who genuinely cares for the health and well being of others, and didn’t mind that we had her come so late! It was the first time that I felt knots actually get smoothed out after many previous unsuccessful attempts to get them out. Would love to come back for more in the future! ” — Susie (Massage Party)

” I would love to say a huge thanks to Tara for a truly relaxing and enjoyable massage experience. I have always felt self-conscious and uncomfortable getting massages so I was pleasantly surprised when my daughter got me a massage with Tara. She made me feel completely at ease and showed her kindness and concern by checking that I was ok throughout the massage. I felt calm and de-stressed afterwards. So thanks again! ” — Philomena

” I am a fervent believer in regular massage and natural body therapies to keep the body balanced and tuned. I have had regular massage for years until recently and just started again with Tara. She is the consummate professional and enjoys her craft. I look forward to having her massage as part of my continuing natural therapy routine.” — Sam

” Dear Tara, Thank you for given me good experience of massage therapy. As you know being a mum of two young kids and a fulltime worker I tend to overlook myself. I did not realise how my muscle were very tense. The 30 minutes of massage therapy helped me relax and feel better on my tense shoulder. Your informative talk while doing your massage give me tips how to alleviate muscle tension. I recommended for all mums who always works hard. Thank you again.” — Angie (Corporate Massage)

” Thank you so much for the fantastic massage you gave me a couple of weeks ago. I was hesitant to come because I have been seeing the same therapist for a long time, but after my husband John saw you and raved about it, I thought I would check it out. I am so glad I did!! My back has felt much better and I am sleeping more soundly. I will definately be back to maintain how great I feel. I highly recommend you to anyone. You were lovely to talk to, professional and friendly and on top of all that, a terrific massage therapist! Thanks again.” — Liz

” Tara’s massages are so relaxing and calm that it feels like I’m in a serene and tranquil sanctuary. Her proficiency exceeds her natural talent to make your whole body feel like a temple. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants a deluxe body massage treatment. Undeniably the most luxurious cure for overworked muscles! ” — Natalie

” I really enjoyed my massage with Tara because I had been going to various massage therapists in shopping centres and they never really hit the right spots or pressed hard enough. I think some of them had even been scared to give me a good massage because of my slight frame. With Tara, I have finally found a massage therapist who was friendly and actually made my painful back feel heaps better.” — Fianna

” As a cyclist massage is an important part of my recovery, your hands have worked wonders on my legs as well as my hip flexors. The techinque you use to help release my hip flexors was amazing, I can’t remember the last time everything has felt this good. I will be back for more, it is hard to find that someone right when it comes to massaging & I think I have found it. Keep up the good work.” — Brad

” I am a mum of 3 year old twins & I work full-time. For me to get the opportunity to do something for myself, such as get a massage, can be difficult. Tara offers a service that is such a lifesaver for someone like me. I don’t even have to leave the house! Not only is she a lovely person to deal with but a great massage therapist. I was totally at ease with her & enjoyed my treatment immensely. Can’t wait for my next appointment.” — Megan

” Tara presents as a very positive person. This is clearly seen in the way she conducts her work. That is in a professional manner and at the same time a very relaxed mode.” — Belinda

” My husband booked a 1.5 hour massage for me as a Christmas present. I hadn’t had a massage in more than a year and was so delighted when he told me that it would be an in-home treatment – something I had never experienced before. It was beyond my expectations. Tara has the perfect touch; she worked out all the knots in my back and was also very accommodating and considerate, given that I’m a new mum and still breastfeeding – so some spots are tender! It was honestly the best massage I’ve ever had – and I am looking forward to the next one.” — Vil

” Dear Tara Thank you for making our 4th yr wedding anniversary a memorable one, having you visit us at the hotel we are staying had helped us to enjoy the message a lot more because we can take turns looking after our 4 months old new born baby and do not have to entrust her to any stranger. Your massage was just at the right strength as required to loosen up and de-stress my body which is way overdue for a treatment. Thank you again! ” — John (and Vivian)

” I organise a girls night at my place last weekend, and since neither of us have had massage before, we thought it would be a good idea to find someone to come and gives all of us a well deserve treats as we all suffer from sore back and shoulder from work. As we will be having dinner, we need someone to be able to come in at 9:30pm or later, I have called a few names from the internet, they are either too expensive or refuse to come at such time. I am really lucky to get Tara to agree on the massage , and she really does her job well. All the girls are impress, and we each enjoyed a 20 mins ( or more i think ) massage by Tara, and only cost 30 dollar per person. It was well worth it and she was very professional. We are thinking of doing it again soon!!! Sincere thanks for your time and efford Tara.” — Dorcas (Massage Party)

” I have known Tara for a few years and have had the privilege of being one of her guinea pigs. I can attest to the fact that she is an excellent remedial masseur. Last year I fell down a stair case and suffered a hip injury and as a result of that I also suffer from Achilles tendinitis. I asked Tara to do remedial massage concentrating on my Achilles tendon because I was about to go overseas on holidays. Two days after the massage the tendinitis had dissipated leaving me pain free for the first time in 5 months. Tara is extremely competent and very professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone for remedial massage.” — Sue

Professional and friendly mobile massage therapy in your own home or office, on the Lower Central Coast. Remedial massage, Deep tissue massage, Trigger point therapy, Myofascial release, Swedish massage, Lymphatic drainage, Warm stone massage, Indian head massage, Workplace and corporate massage, Gift certificates. Fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist. Health fund rebates available.

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